Month: August 2019

Under 14 Tour Singapore 2020

Proposed Under 14 Tour Singapore 2020 It is proposed that Southern Lions Under 15 (2020) will tour Singapore in 2020 Nominations to allow players to tour must be sent to

Eating for Rugby

Eating for Rugby OR  Learning to Eat for Rugby This must go hand in hand with the previous four articles on Eating Breakfast is Important Why we may recommend protein

Supplements For Rugby Union Players

Supplements Rugby –  Is there a need for supplements Introduction When training for a highly physical game such as rugby, the normal diet of a player may no suffice to

Protein Shakes for Weight Gain and to aid muscle development

Using Protein to build the Muscle Systems This use of protein is not unknown , how we get the added protein into the body is different and has differed over

Rugby Injuries

What are the common Injuries for Rugby Players Read this: Listed below are specific injuries that Rugby Players have or will come across over time in the game or in

Blood Sugar Control – So what do I eat then?

Blood Sugar Control – How it effects the Rugby Player  Carbohydrate Considerations Disclaimer The information in these articles is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve

Meal Examples for Rugby Players

Meal Examples Things you could eat based on discussion Amounts and recipes are not included, for a full list of recipes aimed at a muscle building diet grab a copy

Fitting Rugby training into your life

  Fitting training and playing into your busy schedule    Do Not be Like This  Chances are that if your anything like the top rugby players , you are near