Under 14 Tour Singapore 2020

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Proposed Under 14 Tour Singapore 2020

It is proposed that Southern Lions Under 15 (2020) will tour Singapore in 2020

Nominations to allow players to tour must be sent to Sandra Leef (vpjuniors@southernlionsrufc.com) the Vice President of Juniors by the end of September 2019

Proposed Activities are :

  1. Travel to Singapore the evening of the 9th April – Scoot Airlines cost apron – $465
  2. Back to Perth – 16th April – PM

Games :

  1. Sevens games on Saturday Morning 11th v Anglo Chinese School Independent and Barker
  2. 15 aside game Monday v Anglo Chinese School Independent (. https://www.acsindep.moe.edu.sg)
  3. 15 Aside game Wednesday v Anglo Chinese School Barker Rd ( https://www.acsbr.moe.edu.sg)

Note: We played Barker in Perth 2019


There are three proposals for accommodation currently being verified

  1. We have requested billeting with both schools – for a period of 3 out of the 6 days – This would allow the players to get a better understanding of Singapore Lifestyle , associate with the families and fellow players –

If this is accepted we will be staying at either for the balance of the stay :

A. Pasir Ris D Resort https://www.dresort.com.sg

b. Singapore YMCA – http://www.ymca.org.sg

2. Should billeting not be available we will be staying at Pasir Res D Resort for the duration and we are negotiating rates at this time however we have been given rates of $130 to $140 per night shared twin rooms

This would bring accommodation costs to 7 x 65 = $455

Please note that we are still in negotiations with both venues to reduce these costs , if we are granted billeting costs will be $260 per head –

Additional Benefits 

We will be attending the HSBC International Sevens over the weekend – Saturday afternoon to evening and Sunday Morning to Evening – Tickets at this time will be included.

Internal Travel :  We will be using both Buses and public transport (trains and Buses)while in Singapore – it is anticipated that Bus costs to the Games we are playing will be apron: $450 SGD

Remainder of the internal travel costs – Trains etc – will be down to the players – these will be  aprox $8 sgd per day for 5 days

Food – Breakfast etc 

Breakfast will be included during the tour at a costs of $10.70 per day – to be added to the overall costs  – remainder of meals will be at players expense – a meal even for players would be aprox. $10-12 per meal – local food eaten at food halls and marketplace food stations.

Pre Tour Training and Pre Season Training 

Training will start for all under 15 players (2020) in early January these sessions will be run by both James and Jock Tiernan as Co Coaches for the age group – both coaches will be touring with the team.

Clothing and Equipment 

Unless agreed otherwise by parents and players it is not proposed to have any added equipment, jerseys, etc for the tour, should we agree on a touring tee shirt we will endeavor to keep any cost to less than $12 per player.

All other equipment will be the standard club clothing and playing gear.- Jerseys, shorts, socks,

Player and Tour Insurance :

We are proposing to clear the tour with WA Rugby, Australian Rugby and Singapore Rugby Unions – This ensures that players are covered for playing the game plus training in addition we are seeking costs for average for travel , injuries, medical and loss of personal equipment- these costs will be announced shortly.

Summary :

Tour dates : 9th to 16th April

Tour Games – Sevens on Day 2 – 15’s on day 4 and 6

Air Travel : Scoot Air to and from – costs $465 per player

Internal Travel:  $450 total ( $22.50 per player)

Accommodation :  May vary from $450 to $260 per player

Food costs :  Breakfast $ 74.90 per player ( assumes total stay )

Insurance we assume will be under $25 per player based on last tour costs-

Acceptance and Deposit:

Once again please confirm your acceptance of your sons touring participation by contact Sandra Leef as early as possible – we will be seeking a deposit in January (or earlier) of the minimum of $465 – with this we can fix the air fares and prevent any added costs

Fund Raising 

It is proposed to set up a fund raising group managed by four of the parents group, the aim is to Run the stalls at Bunnings early in the new year – with a target of 3 events and racing over $2,500 – At this stage we are seeking 3 members to assist. Sharon Phillis Please  contact here on 0498 485 568.

In additional ideas for fund raining will be passed onto the parents through that group:






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